How to Pick a Reliable Moving Company for Long Distance Move?

When moving long distance it is essential to pick a reliable moving company to safeguard your belongings. Here are few tips to help you a choose a reliable packers and movers in Hyderabad.


Moving long distance is never an easy job. Knowing how to pick a reliable moving company is essential to keep your belongings safe as well as move within your budget. If you happen to pick a company which is not professional, there are huge risk of items getting lost or damages during transportation. Here are few tips which you can follow to know how to pick a good moving company.

Plan in Advance

Do not wait until the last moment to book a moving company. There are times when most of good moving companies are overbooked. So plan your long distance move in advance and book them for the dates you plan to move.

Do Some Research

One of the most important part of finding a reliable moving company is doing some research. Spare some time and do a research about moving companies in your city. Check their reviews on the internet. Give them a call, give your requirements and ask for a moving quote. Check if the moving company is licensed to operate at the destination city. You can give your specific moving requirements. Most of the companies can tailor make their moving services as per your requirements.

Understand the Costs Involved

Understanding how your moving costs are being calculated is important to understand whether or not you are getting a fair price. Most of the companies calculate their price based on distance, fuel and labor. Check if there are some hidden costs involved. Get a written contract from the moving company stating the delivery time and cost.

Check Insurance and liability

Most of the moving companies provide insured long distance moving service. Make sure that you understand the estimated value of your items is and how much the moving company may be liable for. Get a moving contract preferably through a law firm about the liabilities and damages. This may save you lot of trouble just incase the shipments gets delayed or there are damages.

Beware of Low-bids

Some companies give very low bid for moving and at the last moment demand for extra money. At this time you don’t have any choice and have to pay them the extra amount. Beware of low bids. Low price many not always be best!

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